Helping Kids Find Truth They Can Stand In

Jason has been inspired to illustrate The Legal Name Fraud and has explained everything so well using a traditional childrens’ story about the Big Bad Wolf but in the mirror to show the real story which has been hidden for so long, it’s the Big Bad Pig who we need to watch out for. Helping Kids To Stand In Truth is our mission here at KaTe’s Kids KoVe.



By   j-A/C-ON M Ma-Rho-Ka-N

Once upon a time, there were three little wolves that lived with their Mother in a meadow. One day their Mother said, “You need to go out into the world and make your own way.” So they waved “goodbye” and went out into the world.

The little wolves decided to build their houses in a meadow near the woods. The first little wolf went the legal route and acquired all types of contracts such as a driver’s license, registration, all forms of insurances, bills, code inspections, permits, etc. He didn’t want any trouble with the system and thought that by doing what is deemed “normal”, he’d be free and clear of any worries. On the contrary, the second and third wolves built their houses without all of the supposedly needed permits…

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