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The New Name Game

ThenewNamegame byNinjaBambi


by Ninja Bambi, 11th July, 2014

We know about the Legal Name fraud and all that entails and now we have begun to teach our children they are NOT the legal name.

So, let us now consider how we can help kids, and ourselves, to really get past the various issues resulting from having been or still being ‘LEGALLY NAMED’.

We must begin to use names as they ought to be used, as a sound, a calling. Such that when we hear it, and like the sound of it, we simply choose to answer.

We can begin to explore, in play-mode, the idea of losing the legal name in favour of a chosen calling and do this in a way that helps our young children.

Let us simply ask our young children, pre-schoolers in particular, each morning:

What would you like me to call you today?

And let them choose, for that day, or until they change their minds again, a calling they like, in any NOW moment, and let it be anything at all.

This is a fun activity/phonic-tivity, which we can think of as

the New Name Game/Knew N/A M/E Game.

Not only will playing the knew n/a-m/e game be entertaining for kids and adults alike, but more importantly, it will instill in young ones the deep knowing that a name is simply a calling, and it can be of their own choosing, and they can choose another calling at any moment.

This new name game has the added bonus of avoiding the difficulty that so many of the older generations face due to the ingrained repetition and core belief that the NAME we thought was ours, which we were taught was ours, was NOT ours at all – that it is actually 

© Crown Copyright!

For many, because of this life-long conditioning to the NAME I.D.Entity, because of the system’s hidden-in-plain-sight name game, there is a mountain of truth to climb in order to clearly see the most grand of all Grand Illusions. It is quite something to finally grasp how all-pervasive the Legal Name is in our lives.

The legal name looks and sounds exactly like the name our parents gave us when we were born. But it isn’t. The whole thing is like an illusion. Though very real when we don’t know this. The magician-like effects of ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ veiled our eyes to the truth of ‘how it was done’ within this control-system that was set-up with mal intent to deceive – and it still operates in this mode as long as we give our consent- even when our consent is given in ignorance.

Remember: Ignorance is not a defence of or from the law.

So, let us get smart and become pro-active and begin to play


with our young children and help them to lose the legal name – even before they get caught-up in having a legal name!

If we do this with pre-schoolers, when it comes time to enter into the school system (for those parents and children who still wish to do this) they will already have a full KNOWING, deep in their hearts, that they are NOT the legal name written in the school register.

They will easily be able to ‘bust’ the

‘Daily Register Ritual’

which takes place in every school.

(See companion post: The Daily Register Ritual)

With our older children, who are already in school, and have already become conditioned to answering to the legal name and who already believe that NAME is theirs and is who they are, this New Name Game will quickly help them to break that conditioning, allowing them the opportunity to re-capture, or perhaps discover for the first time, their own sense of who they really are.

Using phonics to further play with your child’s chosen-calling-of-the-day, you will be able to get a hint as to where your young-stars mind is, how they are feeling, what interests them, and so on.

Light-heartedly help them to explore the various hidden-meanings and fun clues which can be found within their chosen calling – just for the fun of it!

Remember: No Legal Name, No Legal Game.

To be Legally Named is to be held bound in a fraudulent contract, based in non-disclosure from the beginning. So, once we realise this, and when we no longer consent to be Legally Named we have our way out of the control system and out of the clutches of those who still serve it.


There always was a way out for those who wanted one.

We KNEW there must be and we have found it!

The Legal NAME now becomes the N/A-M/E

N/A = not applicable

M/E = magnetic-electric

and it cannot legally be applied/app-lied to any living soul who does not consent to it.

Let’s play THE NEW NAME GAME instead!




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